November 7, 2011

A New BFL and Sugar Pumpkins

The Corriedale ewe lambs in the background seem to be talking about the new girl, "Ranfurly Soliel".
And Soliel seems to be basking in the moment!

October is a busy month with the sheep. The lambs have been weaned and are selected for breeding, market or butchering. Both ewes and rams are being prepared for their selected breeding schedule. Soliel is our first Blue-faced Leicester ewe. She came from Ranfurly Farm, Chase BC. Other photos of our BFL and Corrie mules can be viewed on our blog Newland Ranch.
My favourite vegetable - little pie pumpkins! The garden woulding be complete without them.

And of course October is a month for preserving and storing all the lovely food from the garden. One of the garden delights is the tiny pie pumpkin "Sugar" which I picked green (after the vines froze September 15). They have been ripening fast at room temperature, while others have been kept green for a while by storing in the coolness of the barn. They are wonderful as a roasted vegetable, pumpkin pie filling, and in soups and stews. The roasted seeds are yummy too. And I always tuck a few seeds away to plant next year!

And speaking of cooking... I took a trip to experience the aromatic foods of Morocco, in Sarah's kitchen. Visit her blog  All Our Fingers In The Pie! If you live in southern Saskatchewan, check out her schedule for cooking classes. It's a wonderful experience!

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Jody said...

HI Val....Your new BFL is lovely and I know they have a finer wool :-)