November 30, 2011

Sheep Cheese and Rustic Rye Bread

Pecorino is the name of a family of hard  Italian cheese made from ewes milk. The word derives from pecora meaning ‘sheep’, also from the Latin pecora meaning livestock. (Wikipedia)

Today I'd like to feature two wonderful local food producers.

I can't say enough about this incredible sheep cheese Old Pecorino (a full flavoured, aged sheep cheese that's hard/nutty/salty/creamy/bold yet mellow -a nice hard cheese that keeps well and is easy to grate into baking). It's an authentic Italian cheese made on the Canadian prairies by THE CHEESIRY. Rhonda Headon learned the art of cheesemaking in Italy, and I'm so glad she has the opportunity to share this ancient craft with us. Rhonda's cheeses are complimented by her husband Brian's local air cured old-world syle meats.Visit their combined website at  O SOL' MEATOS.

I've served it here with a chewy Rustic Rye Bread with Caraway Seed made by
Sarah in Swift Current Saskatchewan. Sarah bakes custom bread orders weekly and also offers delicious cooking classes. Visit  ALL OUR FINGERS IN THE PIE for details on upcoming classes and Farmer's Markets. 


Cloverleaf Art and Fibre said...

That looks like a perfect meal, with maybe just a little local beer to wash it down. I have not yet tasted sheep cheese. Do you know of any producers in Manitoba?

luckybunny said...

Looks amazing! I can almost taste it. Beautiful bread and beautiful cheese.

Ruthie said...

I just love your blog. sigh!

Sarah said...

Wow, the bread looks great in your picture! Thanks for the promo! I have been so busy with the market and custom baking orders. Today is tourtiere day and then Saturday is pick-up day for a few orders and I am done for a couple of months! I would love to try that cheese. I have been reading about their cheese.