April 26, 2012

Of weather, wool and lambs

Some ewes and wethers wait there turn to be sheared.
Time flies and it has been months without a blog entry. Winter was uncommonly mild, with little snow.The spring rains haven't happened and the wind whips the dust off the un-planted fields. The grass is slow and we have finally put the sheep onto the pastures but continue to put out hay for them.

Shearing was in March and the days have been so busy, dealing with the wool. Much of it has already been packed and mailed to people eager to start washing and spinning the new wool crop.

Tiny and Tim trail behind mom;
Its hard to believe the lambing has started. First lambs are twins - Blue Face Leicester crosses, a ewe and ram born to old matriarch Tiny. The babes "Tiny and Tim" are doing well. These will be her last lambs. She has no milk for them and I bottle feed them every three hours. Although she can't feed them, she is very good with them speaking in low and quiet utterances. I will let them remain with her, and I'll walk out to feed them where ever she roams.


Susan said...

I'm impressed that you have the energy to do a blog post while you're feeding those lambs every three hours! I'm tired just thinking about it.

Lona said...

Good to hear an update from you. How bittersweet it must be to watch your ewe with her babies, knowing it's her last lambing. This sheep business is not for the faint of heart, is it?

Prayed for rain for you.

Val at Newland Ranch said...

Thanks for comments and prayers. I'm still in the excitement of the first lambs. I've baked bread, cookies and woven a table runner (although I've forgotten to do my income tax). This won't last and I'll soon be taking little naps between trips out to the lambing shed!

Sarah said...

How exciting! I just spent a weekend with friends on a cattle farm and they are calving right now, too. I had a great lesson in tagging, pulling, cycling, and all those things I never did learn because I was raised on a grain farm. It was so fascinating and so much work. Wishing you a good lambing season.