April 18, 2014

Shearing at Newland Ranch

CBC reporter holds a Black Welsh Mountain lamb as I look on. Photo by Kelly Teichrib

April 10th was a warm, sunny day. Perfect for freshly shorn sheep to begin a new year without their big winter coats. Lorrie Reed and shearing crew arrived around 3pm. They were done in time for a late supper - rack of lamb roast, cold chicken and potato salad.

CBC radio had arranged to meet shearer Lorrie of Elrose, SK. Reporter Eric Anderson was able to coordinate his interview with Lorrie at our shearing. Photos and captions can be found here at cbc.ca/Saskatchewan

All in all it was a busy day full of hard work, fun and lovely wool! Thanks to shearing crew. my daughters and friends for all their help. And a very big thank you to my husband, Farmer Bob who went to great lengths to enable us to "ground feed" the sheep on fresh snow all winter. This has really  helped to assure clean fleeces with little vegetation!

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