September 24, 2014

Canadian Chocolate Welsh Mountain Sheep

 We're deep into Autumn and it's almost breeding season.. The cool fall air resounds with the shotgun crack of horns smashing. The Welsh Mountain rams are docile most of the year. But as the weather cools their natural instincts take over and they are constantly facing off for a fight, sometimes in pairs, or groups. Some of the older boys drift off and find a quiet place to keep out of the fights.

Coming in for the evening.

Top photo: This photo was taken seconds before they started to butt heads. I find that my presence makes it worse, so I retreat and leave them to their rutting.
Bottom photo: A few moments later and the fight is forgotten.  They have a good instinct for safety and come in on their own, knowing that the coyotes will be starting their evening hunt as the sun sets.

Newland Charlie Brown
A note about Charlie Brown: Over the last decade in North America, brown lambs have been born to purebred registered Black Welsh Mountain sheep. Up until 2014, they could not be registered. As the trend continues, and their lineage is being recorded, the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association has established the new breed "Chocolate Welsh Mountain". Charlie Brown is one of nine born between 2000 and 2014. The nine Chocolate Welsh  have been born on three U.S. farms and one farm in Canada - Newland Ranch in Saskatchewan. So far, there are no brown offspring from Charlie. His lambs from registered Black Welsh ewes are black.

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