July 31, 2015

Chocolate Welsh Mountain Sheep - rare breed indeed!

Chocolate Welsh Mountain ram lamb Newland Chaz Brown with Black Welsh Mountain ewe lamb.
You are looking at one of the newest sheep breeds in North America and possible the only one born this year. Color anomilies have occurred over the last decade in the Black Welsh Mountain sheep flocks of Canada and U.S. In late 2013 two new breeds were registered - the White Welsh Mountain and Chocolate Welsh Mountain.

At time of printing the Official American Black Welsh Flock Book there were 9 registered Chocolate Welsh, represented by 4 males and 5 females. Of those 9 sheep, only one is in Canada,  a ram born here in 2011at Newland Ranch - Newland Charlie Brown. He was the flock sire for our 2015 breeding season. Many black lambs were born, which seems to be the norm. However late in this lambing season, a little brown ram lamb was born - Newland Chaz Brown.

Newland Charlie Brown with a Black Welsh Mountain ewe.

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