December 11, 2016

Not Dead Yet!

Sorry for the somewhat morbid and cryptic title! But I seem to have dropped out of sight to many people since I put my Facebook account in cold storage. I won't go on a rant about public media, but I am taking a time out from FB until I evaluate where it fits into my simple life.

Meanwhile, speaking of this "simple life", here is a spring lamb of 2016. After climbing into a tub and soaking up the warm spring sunshine, he fell asleep. His mother is trying to convince him to get up and explore the world! For those of you who aren't familiar with Wooly Wool of the West, this is my on line shop for selling wool (8.5 years using the platform).

Contrary to the green grass in the springtime photo, we are in a Siberian deep freeze this past few weeks. Vehicles and machinery that could break down have done so. But the sheep are warm and comfortable having 8 months of wool grown back since shearing.

Best wishes for the holiday season and New Year! Have a warm and wooly winter.

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