November 4, 2019

2019 started with a cold flurry of activity!

One of the February lambs, after getting dry and warm.
He was now  ready to join mother in the barn.

In January I planned to settle into a restful winter once the daily outdoor chores were done. So many wonderful projects like washing wool, skirting wool, weaving wool and maybe even some time to read about wool.

That all came to an abrupt end in February when lambs started arriving in -20 to -30c weather. Unknown to me a ram had broke into the ewes pasture in September, while I was away Judging the Fleece Competition at the Manitoba Fibre Festival in Winnipeg.

Weather was brutal, so I picked expectant ewes if they had any signs of early labour. The others had shelter at the sheep shed but lambs and moms need special care in these formidable conditions. Pens were quickly set up in the old barn stalls and although each pen had a heat lamp, it was not enough to dry wet, slimey lambs. As each lamb was born I would wrap it up and run with it to the house (up to an hour to dry and warm them so each could return to mom).

It would be a long story if I went into more detail but the outcome was good. Although the days turned into weeks and the weather remained miserable, I can report that all lambs born during those weeks are alive and well.

Some of the planned lambs born in early May.

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